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Access request for tours and large groups

Program overview

Reserving a time slot is mandatory to bring a group to Stanford. All campus tours and visits that are not organized by Stanford, consisting of groups of nine (9) or more people, must reserve a tour access time slot. Failure to reserve a time slot in advance may result in loss of access privileges at Stanford University.

  • Time slots allow your group to visit Stanford for one or more hours between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.
  • Reservations cost $200 per vehicle, per hour.
  • Cancellations must be made at least three days in advance of the tour access date to receive a refund.
  • Groups or vehicles that arrive outside of the reserved time slot will be denied access, may be fined, and could jeopardize access privileges.
  • Reserving a time slot allows tour groups access to a designated parking spot on Roth Way, where the tour vehicle/s can be staged to drop off and pick up passengers.

    section of Bus Parking Map

    Bus Parking Map (PDF, 3MB)

  • P&TS reserves the right to cancel any reservation.

To request a time slot, you must be registered as a tour/charter operator in the tour request system. Once registered, you may use Stanford Parking & Transportation Services’ reservation system to select an available time slot.

Tour visit policy compliance

All groups visiting the Stanford campus must follow the tourist visit policies or risk losing access privileges at Stanford University. Tour companies will be held responsible for the actions and compliance of all members of the tour group(s) they bring to campus and must also comply with the rules governing tour or charter buses under Stanford’s Tour Bus Protocol at the Oval, Main Quad and Pasteur Drive.

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Login for returning tour groups

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Blackout dates

These dates are unavailable for tours/reservations:

9/12/15 Stanford Football
9/15/15 New Student Orientation
9/16/15 New Student Orientation
9/17/15 New Student Orientation
9/18/15 New Student Orientation
9/19/15 New Student Orientation
9/20/15 New Student Orientation
10/03/15 Stanford Football
10/15/15 Stanford Football
10/22/15 Reunion Homecoming
10/23/15 Reunion Homecoming
10/24/15 Reunion Homecoming
10/25/15 Reunion Homecoming
11/14/15 Stanford Football
11/21/15 Stanford Football
11/26/15 Thanksgiving
11/28/15 Stanford Football
12/25/15 Christmas Day