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Reserve Tour Parking

Changes to Tour Bus Parking Rates, Effective September 1, 2017

New parking reservation rates for tour buses not organized by Stanford will take effect on September 1, 2017. Tours from non-profits and educational institutions may apply for an exemption. [Email to Tour Bus Operators].

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Blackout dates

These dates are unavailable for reservations:

9/19/17 New Student Orientation
9/20/17 New Student Orientation
9/21/17 New Student Orientation
9/22/17 New Student Orientation
9/23/17 New Student Orientation
9/24/17 New Student Orientation
9/30/17 Stanford Football
10/12/17 Reunion Homecoming
10/13/17 Reunion Homecoming
10/14/17 Reunion Homecoming
10/15/17 Reunion Homecoming
11/10/17 Stanford Football
11/18/17 Stanford Football
11/23/17 Thanksgiving
11/25/17 Stanford Football
12/25/17 Christmas Day
1/1/18 New Year's Day
2/23/18 Family Weekend
2/24/18 Family Weekend
4/26/18 Admit Weekend
4/27/18 Admit Weekend
4/28/18 Admit Weekend